Preempt, Prevent, Protect

With advances in voice and video technology, SafeHalo™ is working towards developing safety products for various verticals. Areas include personal and personnel safety, events recognition in surveillance, retail, transportation, and employee engagement from boutique firms to large corporations.

We have placed Child Safety at the forefront of our efforts by inventing Smart Ear™. With a high percentage of girls and boys being abused, Safe Halo ™ has developed innovative ways to identify pedophiles and possible abusers so that a child may be protected by preemption and prevention. The products and technology naturally lends itself to other areas of safety including mentally challenged kids and adults, e-commerce delivery personnel including food delivery, transportation, road safety and home safety.

Further applications are being worked on in Surveillance, Transportation and Health Care.


Vijay Dhuler

Executive Director & CEO

Vinay Gundi

Executive Director, CDO & COO

Srinivasa H. C.


Sumant S

Director: Software Development